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Door Closers, Pivots, Folding Grilles & More in Vancouver Island

Advanced Automatic Doors in Vancouver Island has the tools, knowledge and expertise to install and repair all makes and models of automatic sliding doors, swing doors and service windows. We are a proud authorized dealer of products by DORMA, a world leader in premium access solutions. Give us a call today for affordable and reliable options that will enhance the entrance of your business. Need repairs or maintenance? Our professionals will respond to your service needs within 24 –48 hours.

Automatic Door Openers

Reduce your energy bill with efficient push-button or motion-sensor activated automatic door openers for your existing doors installed by the professionals at Advanced Automatic Doors. We understand the importance of providing accessibility to your customers and our wide selection of automatic door openers are the perfect solution for malls, hospitals, schools, government offices, medical clinics, senior’s complexes, grocery stores and more. When your door’s push button fails after getting hit by a shopping cart, we’ll be there to get your business back up and running in a jiffy with prompt repair and maintenance services.

Door Closers and Pivot Repair

Ill-maintained closers can leak oil and its screws and hardware can wear out, making your doors difficult to open and close. When it comes to pivots, they can also wear out and over time, can no longer be aligned with your door frame. Our skilled technicians will be there when you need your door’s closers and pivots repaired or replaced so you can rest assured knowing your business is accessible and secure.

Complete Protection with Folding Grilles

Protect your business with our complete folding grille installation solutions. Folding grilles are perfect for businesses with separate areas that have different hours of operation such as a pharmacy in a supermarket or a mall storefront. Folding grilles are great for banks to separate ATM machines from the rest of the branch to keep them available to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many banks are replacing folding grilles with more secure second entrance doors which we sell and install. Ask us about our free estimates!

Ensure Safety with Panic Hardware Solutions

Lock the door behind you automatically with our expertly installed and maintained panic hardware. Panic hardware is designed with a bar that you push to unlock the door and exit. After use, there is wear and tear on this equipment and it needs serviced because the door won't automatically lock after being used. When this happens, we are at the ready to help you out. Whether it’s panic hardware maintenance or a door alignment needing a pivot, we are at the ready for adjustments, replacements and repairs to ensure the security of your business.

Steel Door Replacement

Advanced Automatic Doors are your steel door experts! Steel doors that have been tampered with on attempted break-ins are no match for our skilled technicians. When your doors have been battered beyond repair and need replacement, we have the tools and know-how to get the job done. When doors have been pried open, we can install an astragal to help prevent future break-in attempts.


We are a trusted dealer of DORMA automatics as part of our commitment to offering our clients quality products and competitive pricing. We service all makes and models of doors, including:

  • Doromatic
  • Gildor
  • Horton
  • Hunter
  • Nabco
  • Stanely
  • Gyrotech
  • Record
  • Besam (available by request)
  • And many more

To learn more about our line of products and their applications, give us a call today! Looking to upgrade your business? No problem! We offer free estimates as we help you explore your options. Please visit our supplier by clicking the logo below.

Authorized Dealer of: DORMA

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